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New Patients Welcome!

Welcome to Lynn Valley Dental Centre, your Lynn Valley dental clinic. As a new patient, there are often many questions and concerns in regards to a new office.

Our staff prides itself on its honesty, fairness and desire to deliver the best possible treatment to all of our patients. It is our obligation to inform our patients early in their treatment of the dental work they will need to have done to obtain optimal dental health and to keep their teeth for a lifetime. We understand that most people want the best dental treatment available. This can be overwhelming, especially if there are individual concerns involving time, fear or finances. We emphasize personalized dentistry and can provide a wide range of options to alleviate these concerns. Please let us know of any specific circumstances or worries you may have. Our staff will gladly address your questions until you are fully informed and comfortable with the course of treatment.​

At Lynn Valley Dental Centre, our doors are open for new patients and referrals. Thank you for considering our practice for your dental needs.

Your First Appointment at your Lynn Valley Dental Clinic

At Lynn Valley Dental Centre, we take the time to get to know all our new patients and their dental concerns. Allow approximately one hour for your first appointment. An iTero scan and an intraoral and extra-oral examination will give our dentists a clear picture of the current state of your teeth and gums. In only three to four minutes, our iTero machine can perform a full mouth scan. Your dentist will also spend time speaking with you about your dental history and any matters troubling you.

Your first iTero scan forms the first image for our time-lapse film of your mouth. We’ll scan your mouth again each year or so and compare what we see to previous scans. Our time-lapse footage provides an objective account of how your mouth is aging. If your teeth are moving, your gums are receding, or any other areas of concern arise, we can take action to correct these problems.

We may also take digital X-rays on your first appointment if your teeth haven’t recently been scanned. We use digital X-ray technology, which is much safer than traditional methods, since it emits 80% less radiation. Where necessary, we take panoramic X-rays to provide the most comprehensive picture of your mouth.

After you see your dentist, you’ll meet with one of our dental hygienists. These friendly team members will teach you more about maintaining good oral health habits including correct brushing and flossing techniques. If you have any questions about your diet or dental routine, our dental hygienists will happily answer them to help you take better care of your teeth and gums.

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Your Lynn Dental Valley Clinic Fee Guides

We set the rates for all our dental procedures and routine appointments after consulting the British Columbia Dental Association fee guide. This practice gives you the peace of mind that our prices are always a good value and competitive with the fees of other local dental facilities. Any price increases we make are in line with increases in the dental association’s fee guide, which considers rising labour costs and annual inflation.

Insurance at your Lynn Valley Dental Clinic


We accept a range of dental insurance plans. Our staff members have a clear understanding of all popular policies. Make sure to ask them any questions about your insurance coverage or how to maximize your dental benefits.

We also offer direct billing, so that your insurance company pays us directly, and all you have to pay is your uncovered portion. Learn more.

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Billing for Our Services

For your convenience, we direct bill when possible. With direct billing, we bill your dental insurance provider. We also take care of all the insurance forms to save you time and stress. Direct billing means you won’t pay out of pocket for your insurance provider’s part of your dental bills. Depending on your coverage, you may need to pay a copay amount. However, direct billing is generally affordable for many of our patients.

If you’re not sure whether your dental insurance provider supports direct billing, ask us before your treatment. If your insurance provider does, you’ll need to present your insurance information and some photo ID to our reception staff. They can process the transaction and notify you of any copay amount required. If your insurance provider doesn’t support direct billing, you will be responsible for paying the full amount of your bill.

We will happily prepare quotes for all our patients. Our comprehensive quotes will note what part your insurance company covers, if applicable, and your out-of-pocket fees. This information helps you to know what you can expect to pay on the day of your treatment and what you can expect to be covered by your insurance provider.

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Acceptable Forms of Payment at your Lynn Valley Dental Clinic

You can pay for all dental appointments and procedures using cash, many types of debit cards, and Visa and MasterCard credit cards. If you have insufficient funds for your treatment, please speak to us about a payment plan. These plans ensure our patients who need to make payments over time can receive the treatments they need in a timely fashion.

Lynn Valley Dental Centre would like to become your new dental practice. Complete our online form or call us on (604) 984-4356 to make your first appointment.

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