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Your Lynn Valley cosmetic dentistry specialist knows how smiling helps you present a more positive, friendly image to the world and boosts your mood. But what if you lack the confidence to smile? Don’t let feelings of shame or embarrassment hold you back from living your life to the fullest. At Lynn Valley Dental Centre, we offer a range of cosmetic dental services that can give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Why Visit your Lynn Valley Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist?

At Lynn Valley Dental Centre, we understand that time in the dentist’s chair may cause some to be fearful or anxious. We take a conservative approach to cosmetic dentistry that respects the tooth’s natural structure. Unless teeth are seriously damaged, we believe that maintaining natural teeth gives the best results for our patients. Our conservative approach helps us achieve the look our patients want while minimizing anxiety and helping them keep as much of their natural smiles as possible.

The cost can be a barrier to cosmetic treatment for many people, but you don’t have to worry when you visit Lynn Valley Dental Centre. We set our rates according to the British Columbia Dental Association’s annual fee guide. We think you’ll agree that our rates are some of the most competitive in our local area.

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Invisalign® treatment

In the past, Canadians typically endured years with mouths full of metal to correct their crooked smiles. While metal braces achieved results, they may have been uncomfortable and embarrassing. Invisalign has changed this notion with its innovative clear aligners. Lynn Valley Dental Centre is proud to be an Invisalign provider. We use these revolutionary clear aligners to help teenagers and adults across British Columbia achieve the smiles they want without any embarrassment.

Since the aligners are clear, Invisalign aligners are almost undetectable. They’re also made to fit your mouth, making them much more comfortable to wear than traditional braces. Despite these advantages, they’re more effective for suitable candidates than metal braces. In fact, since our dentists will adjust your Invisalign aligners at weekly appointments, they can give you a brand-new smile in half the time of other treatment options.

You’ve probably heard about other clear aligners. However, none of Invisalign’s competitors have helped 5 million people smile with confidence. Invisalign also undertook 20 years of clinical research to ensure its clear aligners are the best around. When you visit Lynn Valley Dental Centre for your clear aligners, you can feel confident you’re making the right choice for your smile.

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Teeth Whitening


Teeth naturally change colour from dazzling white to pale yellow or grey as they age. Smoking, irregular brushing, and drinking coffee, soft drinks, and red wine can all speed up the aging process. However, help is at hand. Lynn Valley Dental Centre uses state-of-the-art laser teeth whitening technology to restore the colour of your pearly whites. Our whitening treatment is much more effective than over-the-counter whitening toothpastes and whitening stripes available from chemists and grocery stores.

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Dental Implants, Crowns, and Bridges

At Lynn Valley Dental Centre, we don’t believe any smile is beyond help. Some smiles may require more intensive intervention such as dental implants, crowns, and bridges.

Dental implants look like natural teeth. They’re often the best choice for patients who have lost their teeth or are at risk of losing their teeth due to gum disease or serious tooth decay. Without healthy roots to hold them in place like real teeth, dental implants have screw-like posts to keep them securely in position.

Crowns are ceramic caps which cover entire teeth, hiding chips and other damage. They also form a barrier which prevents further damage to weakened teeth. Crowns work for natural teeth and can also be used to repair damaged dental implants. Since they can be placed anywhere in the mouth, crowns are a versatile cosmetic solution.

Bridges are porcelain crowns which can stand in for missing teeth, effectively bridging the gap between healthy teeth. Similar to crowns, bridges can also repair damaged dental implants. We use high-quality bridges which resemble regular teeth. No one will ever tell you’ve had work done. While they’re classed as cosmetic dental solutions, they serve a practical purpose, too. Our crowns can protect your dental health by preventing further damage and movement of your healthy teeth. While we assess all cases individually, we usually recommend adding crowns to the teeth beside bridges to prevent further dental damage.

When you visit our practice to repair extensive damage, your dentist will take a close look at your teeth, mouth, and jaw. This thorough assessment helps us determine the best cosmetic solution for your needs and create a custom dental implant, crown, or bridge for you.

At Lynn Valley Dental Centre, we’re passionate about helping all Canadians smile with confidence. If you want to improve your smile, we’d like to help you. Complete our online contact form or call our practice to make an appointment and start discussing your cosmetic dental options with us.

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Lynn Valley Dental Centre is happy to offer Botox Cosmetic treatments. Botox treatments are administered by Dr. Paymon Mousavi in our office. If you would like more information about facial Botox, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of Botox!

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